Above the Thunder

West Texas Juniper on Mesquite
H 10″  L  21″  D 10″

Works In Progress

J. Christopher White

Stylized bronze, wood, and stone sculptures

Fluid, interpretive Wood sculptures, moving depictions of a wide variety of subjects. An unique array of medium; rare woods, gem quality wood grains, alabaster and semi-precious stone, even a new medium, Bronzewood Meld. The message of each sculpture augmented by custom poetry. The subjects of Whites work include, but are not limited to; human form, birds animals, aquatic subjects, Western Art, horses and contemporary abstract forms. 

Each of White’s sculptures expresses a Christian message when it is coupled with a poem written expressly for that sculpture. “Creation is a lens through which we can see God, true enough. Still the optics are greatly improved by seeking Him in His Word. Jesus coupled the two together in His parables. So, in effect, I am following His example. These sculptures are, quite simply, Parables in Wood.”

By definition, one of a kind sculpture excludes the concept of multiples and contains the value of uniqueness and rarity. White’s sculptures become even more singular when the medium of their expression is taken into consideration. Long hours of hunting precariously rugged Texas canyons for exceptional grain patterns, shapes and forms found in dead standing trees, produce the unequalled beauty of the woods that comprise White’s sculptures. Stooping and crawling through miles of underground alabaster caves in search of unique stones provides beautiful water carved textures and forms, the raw materials for his Bronzestone Melds. In recent years one of White’s childhood dreams of sculpting semi-precious stones has become a reality. The added beauty of Lapis Lazuli and unique specimens of Marra Mamba Tiger Eye bring added beauty and rarity to this new component of his sculptures. “If I am going to spend countless hours on an expression of beauty, it only makes sense to start with something already extremely beautiful and work from there.”

Sculpture Galleries

Treasures of the West

High Calling

H28″ W18″ D10″


Melody of Flight

H14″ W16″ D8″

Other Worlds






Award Winning Scupltures

Family Circle

H34″ W8″ D8″


Family Circle

The artist won first place in the same competition in 2009 with “Family Circle.”

The sculpture, depicting five barn swallows in flight, was carved from West Texas juniper and mounted on a mesquite base.  Both of these woods are harvested by the artist in the canyon lands of West Texas and the age of the wood often measures in the millennia.

The 18″ deep, 18″ wide  and 34” high sculpture was on display for one year at the Ward Museum – Salisbury University in Salisbury Maryland. The museum boasts of having the most extensive collection of carved birds in the world.

Midstream Reflection

H12″ W22″ D32″


Midstream Reflection

This Hooded Merganzer Duck won first place for interpretive sculpture in the world class 2006 Ward World Championship Wildfowl Competition.

The largest bird carving competition in the world

Use of the wood and the grain is what helped this piece to win the 2006 Championship. The sculpture depicts a Hooded Merganser swimming upstream, the light from the water reflecting off its breast. Sculpted from a single piece of rippled West Texas Juniper and set on a richly burled piece of Mesquite, the sculpture speaks of beauty and tranquility. As well as you can through a photograph, take some time to enjoy the beauty of the grain. As with any of these pieces, there is so much more to see in viewing the actual piece.

Signature Distinctions: The Melding of Mediums

Bronzewood Meld
Grip Of God
H37″ W16″ D11″

Rest Within The Running

Above The Thunder


Denver Gallery

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Woodcarving 202

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Carver’s Corner

Creating a Masterpeice

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