Of Dust and Dreams

Working on a dream

though the dust might blind your eyes,

many hours of sweating

countless futile tries.


Seems at times the reigns and bridle

are fastened to your heart,

tugging past the disappointment

and the trials that have their part,


In forming both the challenge

and the victory as well

trials are truly teachers

though in training you can’t tell.


Much sweeter are the victories

that don’t come on silver platters,

 for when the dust has settled

it’s character that matters.


Character is formed

when you keep on in the test,

it’s how you handle striving

that forms in us the best.


The test results are children

what you’ve passed on to your seed.

Simply dust and dreams?

or the example that they need.

A champion cutting horse not only requires years of training but also generations of proper breeding.

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Dimensions L 64 x H 37 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper on Walnut

Subject Matter


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