Counterfeit Reflections

What appear to be reflections
of light from a world above
Actually emanates from
the wood that it is made of.

Often times our “goodness”
resembles that of God,
yet our motives show the source to be
our selfish heart of sod.

A reflection truly is
a response to the source of light,
as our obedience should be
more than doing what is right.

Jesus spoke quite harshly
to the Pharisees of old,
about going through the motions
while their hearts were hard and cold.

He admonished them to come to know
the God of mercy truth and love,
their lives to be reflections
of the Father up above.

We simply can’t reflect
light that we’re not in,
apart from God our “goodness”
is a reflection of our sin.

The grain of the wood that you see in this sculpture is very rare. When highly polished it gives the impression of how light refracts underwater simulated by the extremely rare grain.

Additional information

Dimensions L 13 in
Wood Type

West Texas (Ripple) Juniper on Mesquite

Subject Matter


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