Navigating the Currents

Making sense of what’s around us
is often quite a task,
Why did that happen? Where will this lead?
Are questions that we ask.

Like currents in a brook
life pulls us down the creek,
seldom giving us the answers
or the rest we often seek.

Seeing what is around us
requires that we have light,
for eyes aren’t designed to function,
in the darkness of the night.

There is truth and there are lies
in this world in which we live,
to discern between the two
requires a type of sieve.

The sieve is the word of God
declaring what is true,
a light that shines into our hearts
revealing what to do.

Yet more than that, God’s word reveals
our Creator’s heart as well,
and the wonders of His love for us,
more than words can tell.

Featured on front of 2008 calendar.

This sculpture is available in 3 mediums: wood, bronze and bronzewood meld.

Additional information

Dimensions L 12 x W 16 x H 16 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper on Black Mesquite

Subject Matter

Marine LIfe, Trout

Feel free to contact Chris to inquire about a commissioned sculpture.
Tel: 970-290-4140

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