Absolute Way

In a world of relativity,
with no sure path to tread upon,
the way seems ever changing
all moral absolutes seem gone.

Like straying sheep in a lightning storm
the populace does scatter,
running blindly toward a precipice,
their “right” to run seems all that matters.

Provided by a loving God
is the way that leads them home
guideposts etched so long ago,
by God on slabs of stone.

These commandments make for a better world,
yet reveal the flaw within,
our hearts can’t make it home to God,
for we are crippled by our sin.

So God made the Way a Shepherd
Who takes our sin, and heals the lame,
Moses handed us His picture
Christ Jesus is His name.

“….and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us,,,”


Additional information

Dimensions L 7 x W 24 x H 42 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper

Subject Matter

Man, Religious

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