Apathy’s Grip

Apathy, apathy,
it’s really there,
the more I have,
the less I care.
The less I care,
the more blinded my eyes,
to the passions of God
and the stupor of lies.

The source of this ill
that’s impairing my sight,
is that deep down inside,
I am claiming a “right”.
A right to be apathetic
or, perhaps burn with zeal,
to be in control of
the way that I feel.

Yet the root goes still deeper
way deep down inside
and feeds on the dark
rich soil of pride.
O Lord, You see my heart,
as it sits cold today,
please by Your grace,
don’t let it continue that way.

Additional information

Dimensions L 5 x W 10 x H 13 in
Wood Type

Alabaster and Crystaline Alabaster on Black Mesquite

Subject Matter


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