Essence Of Music

Beauty is not just atoms
bouncing round without an aim,
nor does music stir the soul,
by some random pointless game.

Nor is love a base response
to a host of stimuli,
the truth is they come from beyond
such as you and I.

These truths are undeniable
to every seeing eye,
no listening ear or beating heart
could in honesty deny,

That a world void of beauty,
relationship, and giving,
a joyless world of matter,
can give no life worth living.

The eye’s designed to see
the ear designed to hear,
the heart to love, the mind to know
that God has placed us here.

The evidence plays loudly
it’s the Creator’s melody
a consistent truth, from beyond,
this world that we can see.

Additional information

Dimensions H 14 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper on Mountain Mahogany

Subject Matter

Abstract, Music Theme

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Tel: 970-290-4140

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