Eternal Dance

When we reach the final chapter
and all is said and done,
as earth’s history finally ends,
and we stand before the Son.

The marriage supper of the Lamb,
at last, is in full swing,
With all the angels watching,
the Groom begins to sing.

“Come unto Me my darling,
all creation has been made,
all agony and ecstasy
are the foundations fitly laid,

For this very moment
when you’ll know Me as you’re known,
All the love my heart contains,
for you, will now be shown.”

As He reaches out His hand,
there begin the final dance,
an eternal revelation
of God the Son’s romance,

Expressed unto His bride
the one He died to own,
eternally completely,
to each soul uniquely shown.

Additional information

Dimensions L 10 x W 11 x H 12 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper

Subject Matter


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