Eternally One

When two people are truly one
each one has their part,
freely giving all they are,
not a portion of their heart.

“It must be all or nothing”
we’re either one or none,
in the wisdom of that mandate.
the joining had begun.

A humble woman strong in faith
beautiful and kind,
one with a friendly giving man
rough hewn and genuine.

So much rests upon her shoulders
as she tackles every task,
her focus is on others
for praises, she won’t ask.

Her bright eyes and assuring smile
express volumes every day,
as she serves both family and students
in her loving, patient way.

He a model of encouragement
of hard work and having fun,
in the great outdoors, his family,
enjoys the gift of being one.

Together they are more than two
held strong by what they give,
a family glorifying God,
to this world in which they live.

Additional information

Dimensions H 17 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper/Mesquite on Alabaster

Subject Matter

Abstract, Infinity Symbol

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Tel: 970-290-4140

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