Gentle Heart Bronze Collectible

Kneeling down in worship,
at the feet of the risen King,
is abiding in the peace
of the shadow of His wing.

For Jesus’ very presence
is a haven for the soul,
a refuge from the temporal,
our journey’s end and goal.

The purpose of His coming
is that He could be the Way
for us to come to know Him
and walk with Him each day.

Jesus asks us to come unto Him,
the invitation ever stands,
if you doubt He really means it,
check the nail scars in His hands.

He gives us robes of righteousness
in which to stand before the throne,
He calls us child and brother,
claims us as His own.

If the investment of a moment
yields a glimpse of His gentle heart,
what eternal treasures could
an hour then impart?

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Dimensions L 3 x W 3 x H 6 in
Subject Matter


Please contact Chris learn about sculpture mediums and base options.
Tel: 970-290-4140


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