Guarded Heart

Since Eden there’s been a battle
for the heart and voice of man,
between the Sovereign God of truth,
and the deceiver with his plan.
This battle is for the heart,
the mind, the soul, the screen,
upon which plays our perception,
of the things that we have seen.

Mixed with imagination
colored by faith or fear,
memories, truth and lies,
things that we hold dear.

From this heart’s abundance
proceed our words and deeds,
echoes and reflections
of the things on which it feeds.

If fed the living Bread of Life,
this heart emits God’s light,
if fed the lusts and lies of flesh,
it serves sin and dark of night.

Our focus is our source,
the heart fills through the eyes,
are they fixed upon the Living Word,
or feeding on the lies?

Jesus is our Perfect peace
as our eyes fix on His face,
His love the scribe upon the heart,
to write the wonders of His grace.

Additional information

Dimensions H 14 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper on Alabaster

Subject Matter

Abstract, Heart

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Tel: 970-290-4140

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