Place Of Offering

I can’t see past the decision,
all the pros and cons,
voices fill my heart and ears
with future woe be gone.

On both sides of the issue,
if the truth be truly known,
is how it affects me, my, and mine,
and not, “Thy will be done.”

Lord, don’t leave my doubting heart
abiding in this place,
please lift me out of here
on Your Mighty wings of grace.

It takes wings I do not possess
to fly to this lofty peak,
the place where Father’s pleasure
is the only thing I seek.

Where revelation of Your love
eclipses all issues and decisions,
and the intensity in Your eyes
is all I can envision.

When from there, I know Your pleasure
Your way I’ll clearly know.
When you have made my heart Yours,
I will simply go.

Additional information

Dimensions H 17 in
Wood Type

Alabaster and Juniper

Subject Matter

Abstract, Music Theme

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Tel: 970-290-4140

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