The Eyes of a Friend

To be seen through the eyes
of one who looks past your flaws,
to be held in esteem
or perhaps even awe.

To elicit great joy
when you come through the door,
to be valued as priceless,
perhaps even more.

These are the values
contained in a friend,
loyalty, acceptance,
true to the end.

Expressed as forgiveness,
not holding a grudge,
selfless, protection
or a soft gentle nudge.

The eyes of a friend
are selective, that’s true,
choosing to see
the best that’s in you.

Revealing inside
an unconditional love,
much like the eyes,
of our Father above.

Additional information

Dimensions L 13 x W 13 x H 14 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper on a Mesquite Base

Subject Matter


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Tel: 970-290-4140

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