Tragedy’s Reflection

Could you have borne for an instant
the agony He felt,
as He hung there naked, in total shame,
while around His family knelt?

Would the spikes pierced through your cramping limbs
or the bleeding welts have been
too much for you to endure,
for the sake of another’s sin?

And if for all eternity
you had dwelt in the Father’s love,
would the cold dark chill of empty death
enhance the silence from above?

If only for a moment
you felt the tragedy of sin
like drying spit upon your face
from the love you sought to win,

Then you’d have had a glimpse of love
displayed upon the cross,
and to know this love, you’d gladly count
all other now as loss.

Additional information

Dimensions L 10 x W 12 x H 19 in
Wood Type

Alabaster on Mesquite Base

Subject Matter


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