Bursting Forth

Deep within the center of

this chosen piece of wood

is an image to behold and touch,

if we only could.

Their in dwells potential

of a bird emerging free,

but initially this bird

through eyes of faith we see.

The transformation is a process

flowing through the master’s hand,

tools and skills and wood alike

must obey his sure commands.

Then what was placed within this tree,

so deep within it’s heart.

shines forth as what the Master saw

so clearly from the start.

This allegory illustrates

something God would have us to see,

of His sovereign plan to manifest

His Son in you and me.

So daily count it as an honor

that the Master works on you,

for as He chips away the flesh,

the love of Jesus will shine through.

A “Bob White” quail bursting forth from it’s habitat

Additional information

Dimensions H 16 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper

Subject Matter


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