Heart Cry

Rising each morning

to a God I don’t know,

the pull in my heart

how it hurts me so.

Frustrations arise

as I strive to touch

the God who has loved me

and given so much.

I know you are there

beckoning me,

but, oh my eyes

just cannot see.

Open my heart,

please make a way

where stumbling in darkness

gives place to day.

You’re God of all the universe,

God of here below;

You’re mighty and good

and this thing I know:

If you can make an eagle fly

in realms of vibrant blue,

you can make a way for man

to love and come to know You.

“But needs be please a way to see, and look beyond the veil, a blind man views through pipes and dreams, but cannot see the trail.”

Additional information

Dimensions H 27 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper

Subject Matter

Man, native

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Tel: 970-290-4140
Email: parables@jchristopherwhite.com

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