Native Perception

What’s perceived as right or wrong
in this your native land,
what justifies your actions,
by what goodness do you stand?

No mortal mind is so small
an opinion it can’t hold.
Opinions are perceptions
we form from what we’re told.

Second hand opinions
are what we hold when we believe,
the opinions of another
when they relate what they perceive.

God has spoken through creation,
through His Son, and through His Word,
God gives us no opinions,
but the Truth about this world.

Yet, to our native thinking,
God’s truth will seem absurd,
“til we let go our “rights and wrongs”
and take Him at His word.

J. Christopher White

“The natural man does not receive the gifts the Spirit
of God, for they are folly to Him, and he is not able to understand them…”
I Corinthians 2:14

Additional information

Dimensions L 6 x W 9 x H 12.5 in
Subject Matter

Man, Native American Theme

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