Provided was the strength

to carry wood and flame and knife.

Provided was an only son,

and the faith to take his life.


Provided was a promise,

The child would make a chosen race.

Provided was a ram

to take the sinner’s place.


Provision’s not the point

when God moves to meet a need,

anymore than planting’s point

is to simply bury seed.


Provision turns our eyes

to their maker up above

and helps define his character

as a faithful God of love.


Provided is a lamb,

sent to take the sinner’s place,

provided we accept in faith

the offer of his grace.

This sculpture depicts a “urial” sheep which were native in Israel at the time of Abraham.

Additional information

Dimensions W 24 x H 42 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper, Black Mesquite on Black Walnut

Subject Matter


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