Crowing from Cover

Crying out from cover

to rally scattered birds,

he hopes that only feathered ears

catch the meaning of his words.

To bring the covey back together,

his location must be known,

yet he must not show the predator

the place where he has flown.

So his message must be qualified

he must be careful how he sends,

his effectiveness is compromised

by the fear he might offend.

Under the cover of opinion

a message fails to clear

the realm of explanation,

can’t reach the heart of those

who hear.

God’s word declared as total Truth

will reach a listening ear,

when given as the only Way

it will affect the one who hears.

It might bring persecution,

rejection, or some pain

or that seed might fall on fertile soil,

and a soul be born again.

Scaled or Blue Quail in prickly pear cactus.

Additional information

Dimensions L 9 x W 12 x H 14.5 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper on Black Mesquite

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