There’s a reason for God’s slowness,
His timing has a plan,
from where He stands God can see
the path of every man.

And so God gives us wings,
and tells us to abide,
to wait in trust, don’t flap about,
but to simply glide.

God supplies the strength,
the thermals and the rise,
and through His word, directs us,
where to fix our eyes.

For He wants us to come unto Him,
to truly seek His face,
to learn His ways and come to know,

He is the prize for which we race.
So count it all as joy
if this trial requires a glide,
there’s grace to fly and fix your eyes
on God there by your side.

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Dimensions L 11 x W 13 x H 11 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper on Mesquite Base

Subject Matter


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