High Note

Resting wings on winds of substance
allows the laws of lift to ply,
as wings stretch out, through faith filled air,
the result is that we fly.

Shadows can’t support our weight
or lift our wings on high,
but if we’re really honest,
it is something we all try.

When we follow vain philosophies
or things dependent on this world,
we end up walking captives,
even with our wings unfurled.

The first step down this darkened path
is to rely upon our mind,
to figure out the path ahead,
oft’ deception’s what we find.

A righteousness all our own
feet and wings made out of clay,
things that will prove useless
on that final day.

So, rest your wings upon God’s promises,
fix your eyes on Jesus face,
He will lift you to a place of Rest
draw you high on wings of grace.

Additional information

Dimensions H 12 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper on Mesquite

Subject Matter


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