In Harmony with Beauty

God has given beauty,

God created man,

designed us to recognize,

both His beauty and His plan.

His plan is for each man

to walk within the light,

that God shines deep into our hearts,

truth so different from the night.

Each one He has equipped

in a very certain way,

to walk the path that He provides

each and every day.

He equips with gifts of faithfulness

diligence and grace,

used to reflect the beauty,

the light of Jesus’ face.

More brightly shines the light

when two flesh so walk as one,

a man with beauty by his side,

following the Son.

As they share His plan together

join their gifts, as wings on air

together they fly down His path,

and all can see the Light is there.

Additional information

Dimensions H 9 in
Wood Type

West Texas Juniper on Mesquite Base

Subject Matter


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