Priceless Wings Of Grace

Grace requires a need

to be given or received.

If we deem our strength sufficient,

for God’s help we’ll never plead.

Perhaps our needs and weakness

are wings with which to fly,

When we humbly ask God for His strength,

instead of grumbling why.

Dependence on Almighty God

just might repulse the proud;

“I don’t want your weak-kneed crutches,

I’m sufficiently endowed.”

So we limp upon this temporal plane

and self-righteously ignore,

Both the sin that keeps us earthbound,

and the wings with which to soar.

Then never taste the thrill

of flying swift and free,

On the priceless wings of grace

that unfurl on bended knee.

Translating movement into a static medium requires making the wind visible and allowing it to trace the path and acrobatics of this eagle.

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Dimensions L 13.5 x W 10 x H 13.5 in
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