Trail Of Glory

Trail Of Glory

What kind of trail do we leave
as we pass through life on earth?
It’s certain we touch people’s lives,
from the moment of our birth.

A baby stirs a mother’s heart
crying out with desperate needs,
and knits her soul to this tiny one,
as from her he daily feeds.

We give and take, shape and mold
every soul we touch
and come to see, at the end of life,
nothing else can mean as much.

Except the touch we receive
from the life of God the Son,
who can fill us with His love each day,
to give to everyone.

We’re a society of people
a body of the same,
yet our Sovereign head designed us,
to give glory to his name.

As we seek to love Him,
the trail we leave behind
will be a trail of glory
producing others of its kind.

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