July 2011

It finally feels like summer here in Northern Colorado, I thought it would never arrive.
Spring was filled mainly with commissions and teaching and a few of trips. In April, went to Maryland to teach and compete at the World Bird Carving Competition and then a trip to gather wood in Texas. Also, delivered a sculpture in Albuquerque, NM in May.

I had several students come out in May and June for private lessons; and taught a class here in Colorado, June 6 – 10. As always, I learned a lot thru teaching and trust the students did as well. I just returned from another wood hunting trip in Texas, where summer had arrived. It was rather hot, if you consider 118 degrees with a 30 mph wind hot. For the record, I do consider that hot, in fact it was “historic” according to the Amarillo, TX news. From what I have observed, “being a part of something” historic is not always “all that cool”. However, I did manage to find some awesome wood. In the process I kept my eyes open for several different pieces and shapes of wood. One shape I sought out was for my new bronzewood meld series, “Defined by Grace”. Each year I try to introduce a new series into my bronzewood meld options. This year it was a barn swallow in flight. I found several fluid spiral twists and “S” curve, juniper branches to meld the birds into. Hopefully, I can have a few done in time for this year’s Sculpture in the Park show August 13-14, here in Loveland, CO.

Also, we carried out several beautifully unique alabaster stones from the depths of the caves check (alabaster) on my website. One stone would make an awesome bronzestone meld. In addition, I found several gorgeous Mesquite burls for the “Determined” series and a couple of outstanding juniper twists for the “Above the Thunder” series.

As for upcoming 2011 Classes:

  • September 12-16, 2011 (near Indianapolis, IN) – Contact Marc Adams, to see if there are any open spaces available.
  •  September 26-30, 2011 (Loveland, CO) – I still have 2 spaces available.
  • October 3-7, 2011 (Williamsburg, VA) – I may have 1 open space available.
  • October 17-21, 2011 (Signal Mountain, TN; near Chattanooga) – There are a couple of spaces available.
  • November 14-18, 2011 (Bay City, TX) I am really excited to explore and help pioneer this new frontier. This class is open to all carvers, but the emphasis will be for wood turners; carving through the sides of vessels and making holders or bases for turned vessels. Bill Aber has generously offered not only his new facilities there on the banks of the Colorado River, but also the use of his lathe and his turning expertise. The class still has some spaces available.

Click here for more Information about classes and or to register

I have included some photos (shown right) of a few pieces that will be found in my 2012 calendar. I hope you enjoy viewing them.

Thank you again for your interest in me and my work. I am working on a Facebook page and will send out a notice when that is done. We Luddites move rather slowly when it comes to embracing the 21st century, but it will happen.

J. Christopher White

Written by John White

Chris is an unusual artist in the sense that he personally harvests the juniper wood for his commissioned works. He makes frequent trips to Texas for this reason. He would love to visit with you about ideas for sculptures that you would like him to do.

February 16, 2020


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