May 2015

Greetings from Colorado! The land that spring forgot.

It has been more like early March, than late May, here in Loveland, some snow, lots of cold rain. The mountains have received several feet of new snow and loom cold and white when the clouds part. On the bright side, everything is very green and lush with the promise of a gorgeous summer.

I have space in my upcoming class, “Maximizing Movement” held here in beautiful, Loveland, CO, June 15-19. Summer surely will have found its way here by then. Please check out the “classes” link for more information. See if that class will work for you and then come see us.

We are really excited about our latest project, a collectible series of miniature bronzes. We have taken some of our most popular wood sculptures and reduced them to one fourth size bronzes. We received our first completed one last week, entitled “The Grip of God”, a powerful picture of God’s faithfulness and saving grace. It is 9”high and is a stunning representation of the 36’ original. This limited edition solid bronze sculptures are also very affordable, $450 plus s/h. If you order before June 1st we will provide you with free shipping. You may order one from the “Works for Sale” page of my website

Our second is a detailed falcon, diving over a rugged juniper tree. This piece is already at the mold maker’s and we should have a completed one photographed in 6-8 weeks. Our third in the “Collectible Series” is of the sculpture  “Above the Thunder”   (horse) is currently in the scanning process and should be out in 8-12 weeks.

Another project we have in the works is providing the same three sculptures in one half size limited editions. Please let us know if you are interested in more information on those and we will be happy to send you the details.

I truly appreciate your continued interested in my work and will keep you posted on the progress of all these new sculptures.

J. Christopher White

Written by John White

Chris is an unusual artist in the sense that he personally harvests the juniper wood for his commissioned works. He makes frequent trips to Texas for this reason. He would love to visit with you about ideas for sculptures that you would like him to do.

February 16, 2020


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