November 2008

Season’s Greetings,

I currently have my 2009 calendar available, the cost is $12.95 plus shipping. If you choose to order it before December 1, the shipping is free. Also, to insure arrival of the calendar by Christmas, please order your calendar by December 14, 2008.

‘Tis the season to give thanks, something I find to be a great source of strength, hope, and peace year round. Among the things I thank God for this fall are safety in all our many travels this summer, His provision, and for all the exceptional students that took my classes this year. All the students left my classes with the same number of fingers they came in with, which is a pretty good deal. I also believe they all went home with a few new tools to help them in their carving. While most did leave with metal tools, chiefly the Nicholson #50 rasp; they also left with a new awareness of how lines, planes, and forms work together to draw one’s eye over, around, and through a highly polished sculpture; and to varying degrees, the ability to craft such an object. I am left with the privilege of getting to know some really great people, and sharing what I have learned, over the decades, with them. It is extremely easy to give thanks for that.

Speaking of classes, I have finished my teaching schedule for 2009, and it is a busy one.

January 19-23, 2009: 5 day class, Chattanooga, TN $650.00
I will be teaching in Chattanooga, Tennessee at the beautiful and ample facilities of Farrell Eaves. This five day class is with project wood provided.

March 13-14 and 20-21, 2009: 4 day class, Loveland, CO
(my studio)* $575.00
This class is over a weekend, with a week in between to allow students time to work on their project. It will work well with local students or students within a few hours drive.

April 6-10, 2009: 5-day class, Loveland, CO (my studio)* $650.00
Five day class, here in my studio, with wood provided for a class project. Lunch is provided.

April 24-26, 2009: 3 day class, Ocean City, MD $360.00/members, $400/non-mem.
I will be an instructor at the Ward World Championship Wildfowl Competition.

Sept 21-25, 2009: 5 day class, Loveland, CO (my studio)* $650.00

Sept 28 to October 1, 2009: 5 day class, Loveland, CO (my studio)* $650.00
*All classes at my studio are limited to 5 students or less.

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas.

J. Christopher White

Now Available
Free shipping until 11/30/08
2009 Calendars
Movement ‘n Wood
Twelve sculptures, including inspirational poetry for each one composed by the artist in a 12″ x 24″ wall calendar for year long enjoyment.
…impeccably photographed, masterfully carved sculptures from thousand year old rare juniper wood…
….these make excellent Christmas gifts
click here for more information about the calendar and to order

“To be seen through the eyes
of one who looks past your flaws,
to be held in esteem
or perhaps even awe.

To elicit great joy
when you come through the door,
to be valued as priceless,
perhaps even more.

These are the values
contained in a friend,
loyalty, acceptance,
true to the end….”

Eyes of a Friend
February 2009

Upcoming 2009 Classes:

Loveland, CO
January 19-23
March 13-14, 20-21
April 6-10
April 24-26
Sept 21-25
Sept 28 – Oct 1

Maximum of 5 students
Wood and Lunch provided

Contact Chris at for more information

Above The Thunder
June 2009
Guarded Heart
November 2009
Eagles of the Underworld
March 2009

Written by John White

Chris is an unusual artist in the sense that he personally harvests the juniper wood for his commissioned works. He makes frequent trips to Texas for this reason. He would love to visit with you about ideas for sculptures that you would like him to do.

February 16, 2020


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