Ward World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition, 2009

These Barn Swallows in Flight won first place for interpretive sculpture in the world class 2009 Ward World Championship Wildfowl Competition. The largest bird carving competition in the world.

God chose Abraham
to pass down to his seed,
the knowledge of the ways of God,

their most vital need.

Although the words He spoke
were part of pointing to the Way,
the clearest lesson he could give
was how he lived his life each day.

God designed the family
with so much more in mind,
than practical particulars
or simply ties that bind

A family is, in essence,
a woman and a man
in the covenant of marriage,
a part of God’s great plan.

Then God provides a child
and quickly add two more
along with wings of grace,
to help with what’s in store.

So stretch your wings and follow Him
in unity fly high
your little ones are watching
they will join you by and by.

Allowing God to bless you
with what are truly treasures,
a life of truth and joy and love
satisfaction without measure.

Written by John White

Chris is an unusual artist in the sense that he personally harvests the juniper wood for his commissioned works. He makes frequent trips to Texas for this reason. He would love to visit with you about ideas for sculptures that you would like him to do.

May 17, 2020


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